Build, run, and integrate processes. All-in-one solution.

Project Management & Collaboration

Manage your team’s work in Ruum and collaborate in real time

Structure and build your processes and projects with Ruum's flexible canvas

Collaborate in real time with your team and simultaneously provide feedback

Gain insights quickly with Ruum’s Timeline, Kanban, and Task List views

Ruum started off as a collaboration and project management tool some years back, and even though the focus of the product is different today, we will continue to offer these capabilities.

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Build processes
without any coding effort


Run processes transparently
without compromising IT security


Leverages SAP Intelligent RPA for effortless automation

Your target system doesn’t have a standard API? Connect your Ruum processes to an RPA bot that will do the work for you.

About SAP Intelligent RPA


Ruum is a standard SAP product and as such complies with all regular security requirements. Ruum is EU GDPR compliant and uses a rest-encrypted data base. We support SAML2 for Single-Sign-On.


Ruum provides a flexible admin panel that allows system administrators to manage data access, roles and integrations, and centrally monitor and support their Ruum users.

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